Are the Indian parents real culprit for pressurising their children for higher score?

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Our education system is not at all scientific. The parents always want to see their wards carry high marks. Now people blame these parents to be the culprit for their children’s suicides and other misaligned nature of their characters. But….

Are they really the culprits?

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Parents of suicide teenager get to see son’s final words on chemistry exam paper | The National

I think its not the parents to be blamed. They see what appears to them. They, as parents, see that the recruiters want to see the marks and accordingly arrange the CVs. Due the so-called cut-off marks, many candidates cannot even appear for the interviews.

The colleges and universities provide admission and scholarships based on the students’ marks. The parents learn these from the advertisements, neighbours, colleagues, relatives and other sources. They become scared of the situation that their dear children are going to lose the opportunities due to low marks.

This is the reason they pressurise their children to achieve more marks and do not care about their acquired knowledge. There are a few parents I came across who keep their wards aloof from this rat-race. But do they win? I’m not sure of that. The rat-race is for one position among 5 lakhs of participants. If you miss, you are a loser. Now what? Business? Oh, there is a tremendous competition present. To sell your product, you have to reach ‘your’ potential customer. And when you reach them, you’ll discover that they are not solely yours – you have your competitors who are trying to reach them too. To start business, you may need loan, right? You visit Mr Manager of a Bank and ask about loan procedure. There are so many criteria you have to meet for getting loan. Among those, one they generally ask about is your academic qualification along with marks.

Before blaming somebody or something, we should consider all the parameters that influence the matter.

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