Getting job with a degree in correspondence mode

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Some recruiters have a notion that students of regular mode are better in performance than those of correspondence one. So they prefer the regular ones. But the reason of laying off their employees after 6 months or so due to their “poor performance” is still answerless.

Everybody should understand that mode of study, marks etc are not the only parameters with which we can judge a person’s ability. This has been told in many places like films, advertisements etc. Still it is hard to change a prevalent system. There are numerous instances of failure on the part of a candidate who secured high marks in his/her examinations. He/she may also be from a reputed institute.

You can score higher marks in two ways:

  1. Learn the subject properly (then only you can solve a problem independently)
  2. Rote learning where people memorise the lessons without proper understanding (at times, you will face difficulty in independent problem solving)

In many countries like the US, the interviewers look for the abilities of those people who can solve their current problems they are facing. These problems are hampering their company’s performance. And they simply want to get rid of them. They may just have a eyewash over the candidate’s academic qualifications. Because they know that the person sitting in front of them will save them, not his/her degrees.

The academic qualifications of course matters when you are a fresher. When you are at least 2 years experienced, your academic degrees and mark-sheets are irrelevant to the recruiters. Then the main focus will be on your performance in your previous projects.

So, do keep learning, and not mugging up. The world always needs a quality person. For that, ups and downs of job market do not matter. There are many instances of persons who achieved height without formal education, set aside correspondence. Google them out and you will be glad to watch their excellency. Here are a few links you may consider visiting:


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