What are the criteria to be considered while choosing a college or university?

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Well, there are various aspects to be considered based on your requirement i.e., whether you want to do graduation, post-graduation or research. You should look for good teachers, not good academicians who are experts in their own field for solving problems but may not be a good teacher from whom you will learn.

Students seldom forgets the purpose of admission to college. Many of them first look for the glamour of the university/college so that they can show to their friends and relatives. But after one week or so, all those gardens, showers, beautiful buildings become boring to the eyes and the student starts to look for the service for which he arrived here. If not satisfied, he/she starts to blame the university, its teachers, its senior students, its administrative staff and the beautiful gardens, volley ball courts, tennis court, stylish cafeteria become pale.


If you want to pursue graduation program, you should see whether:

  1. the faculty members are good in teaching or guiding a student, not his/her qualification. (Please remember that a person with exceptional academic qualification does not mean to be a good teacher)
  2. the education system is strict and well disciplined (the stricter, the better)
  3. the infrastructure (the laboratory equipment, well-lit classrooms etc.) are quite satisfactory. And do not fall for the optional features like the gardens, showers, architectural design of buildings, attractive building colors, glossy floors etc.
  4. the institution is having tie-ups with good, reputed recruiters (though it matters less because it is you who will have to face the interview and grab the job)

If you want to pursue post-graduation program, it is assumed that you have the intention to do research. Then you should consider the above points and also see whether:

  1. the institute offers a modern syllabus of international level
  2. there is a possible vacancy of a teaching job in the same university so that the project work can be continued in the same place with the same supervisor that will lead to your PhD
  3. there is a student exchange program with any top-level universities of the world

If you want to pursue PhD program, you should consider the above points and also see whether:

  1. the institute offers an adequate research facility on your domain
  2. the institute has enough numbers of supervisors in a variety of research areas
  3. the supervisors are of international repute
  4. there will be professors from top-level universities of the world whom you have to defend your thesis
  5. there is a provision of TA (Teaching Assistant), RA (Research Associate) or SE (Service Engineer) of a project.

     (Of course, if you do not need financial assistance during your PhD, then the point no 5 is of no importance to you.

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